Scheme is a functional programming language, dialect of Lisp with two distinguishing features: it is small and tries to be clean.

Its language definition (latest being R5RS), including formal semantics, is about 50 pages long. This is good and bad. A good thing is that it is easy to implement, which makes it good for experimentation and learning in general, or as a core language to extend in a domain-specific way. It is also relatively easy to learn and master or to metaprogram (the Tube is a case in point). A bad thing is that it there the language definition has so few features that every implementation has to add its own to provide a useful programming environment, and that there are zillions of implementations that each does things in its own different, incompatible way. There now exist a process to harmonize such extensions, SRFIs. However, no such thing as a module system or a namespace management system has been standardized, which makes all these extensions a big mess.

It tries to be clean in the sense that it is not constrained much by backwards compatibility as is Common Lisp, but instead attemps to provide simple semantics. (It has been said that Scheme is a Lisp that tries to become ML). Among notable differences with respect traditional Lisp: Scheme has a single namespace for functions and variables (it is a "Lisp-1"); Scheme has first-class reentrant continuations (which implies lots of "interesting" problems for implementations); R5RS added a stripped-down special purpose macro system (though most Scheme implementations also have a full-blown defmacro-like macros).

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