REBOL (Relative Expression-Based Object Language) is a programming language. Though it is not finished, what's already available looks promising. The core language, which is available, looks like some LOGO, LISP with parentheses removed in exchange for fixed arity functions. The semantics also borrow a lot from LISP and Scheme, which is very good. The promised features for future development look great, too. All in all, REBOL has improved a lot since the original papers of 1997. There are still a lot of things undefined yet, so let's wait and see if REBOL lives up to expectations. If it does, it's time to write a free implementation. On the flip side, the overloading of structures in a MUMPS/Perl/Tcl way looks like it will constrain implementations a lot, unless some standard type inference/declaration/verification system (a la Common LISP) is promoted.

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