Welcome to the TUNES Project Wiki aka CTO (Cliki.Tunes.Org).

About this Site

The site was maintained using CLiki. What you see here is a static snapshot of the CLiki before it was removed from the main site in November 2005. After that, the site was imported into MediaWiki, which was used until March 2007. Only about 15 pages were substantially changed during that time; those pages have been merged into this archive.

This is no longer an active Wiki: searching doesn't work, and some other links may have been broken during the snapshot. Sorry about it; we hope that the content is still useful (particularly recommended are the review articles).

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At some point in time, snapshots of the contents were archived in the TUNES FTP snapshot area.

The major topics:

SubProject areas
Places for annotative work and references.
Terms and concepts used to support TUNES development.
Learning Lounge
Resources for explaining the background of ideas.
Illustrating features and concepts.
Review Articles:
Toolkits and libraries for development of TUNES.
Who's involved in the project.
Cited for interesting work.
Cybernethics area
The political or ethical vision of TUNES.
Descriptions of TUNES or commentary.
What the various members are working on.
Contributions past and present made for TUNES.
Search Facilities
Search engines and akins relevant for TUNES.

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