The goals of this Review Subproject are to review all existing computing systems and their elements, and determine what is good or bad about them, what they lack, and what they do that they shouldn't, so that the TUNES project may benefit from their experience, be it good or bad.


How-to Add a Review:

  1. You find some project or feature on a reasonably well-documented website or described in a book.
  2. You create an appropriately-named node to represent this document or project or concept on the Wiki here. Appropriate names are generally the project name unless the name is a common word, in which case you should give it a qualifier like "OS" or "language" or something. Obviously, if there's already a node with the concept you like, use or append to that instead.
  3. You edit the node, adding a one-line description with a topic and a hyperlink to the best resources for figuring out what it's all about. Try to distinguish the important points in a next paragraph if there is enough to say about it compared to other things in the same topic or sub-topic.


Find material to review for the subproject: Collect names, addresses, papers, about all existing related projects in the world outside of the Tunes project and add pointers to them.

Add pointers to examples, (glossary) terms, files, etc, from other subprojects that are part of Tunes.

Read the material and publish reviews about them all, about how they are related to each other, about how some of the aspects of some systems are unified or not in some other existing or projected system, about how well they perform, about how they are expected to evolve, about what are their virtues and shortcomings, about what are intrinsic (that come from their internal, physical, logical structure) and extrinsic (that come from their place in the world's political, economical and social structure). That is, analyse these systems, comparing them not only to each other, but also to any imaginable alternative.

Make proposals about what to keep, throw away, modify or extend from these existing software: synthetize the specification of a better software platform. But as soon as some synthesis is done, it will be incorporated into some other appropriate subproject of Tunes, and pointed to by the Review.

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