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In my opinion, in general for information organization and retrieval systems, the right approach is not to set up preconceived categories and try to shoehorn everything into those categories, but to use dynamic clustering based on "soft" (natural content) and "hard" (specially assigned) keywords. If somebody wants a toplevel menu, you just list the major clusters, and use their most significant keywords as the "name" of the category shown in the menu.

A topic map may be a simple way of indentifying 'hub' topics with lots of links. I saw one on another wiki somewhere. Maybe near http://www.c2.com/cgi/wiki?GraphWiki but that wasn't it. It looked more like the semantic web activity map-thing on w3c (done in SVG)

Of course identifying key topics/documents based on their links goes back to the old citation indexes you used to find in the Uni library. Google uses links for its ranking. The same sort of thing.

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