A listing of the major contributors to Tunes, and the content they are or were responsible for adding:

These are just the beginnings of a proper listing of credits. Feel free to elaborate, especially if you are the contributor listed.

François-René Rideau
The major part of the ideas and documentation that explained Tunes and its philosophies and politics for many years, and of course the Founder.
Chris Harris
Co-founder? of Tunes with Fare.
David E. Manifold
Web site administrator and hoster, and also researcher into type systems.
Jecel Mattos de Assumpcao, Jr.
Long-time developer of Merlin and Self/R, and a member of discussion since the project originated.
Tom Novelli
Developer of the Retro Forth system, intended for many years to be the Tunes LLL subproject basis.
Brian T. Rice
Wrote the Arrow system paper and developed Tunes HLL ideas through the Slate programming language. Also works on some user interface architecture issues and tries to coordinate Tunes development lately.

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