Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines reviewed. (definition)

Abstract VM's.

Concrete VM's.

Proprietary VM's.

All VM's (a raw index).

Remove these as they are added:

  • Von Neuman Machine model
  • abstract CPUs models: CISC vs LispMachines vs VLIW vs RISC vs MISC
  • Vienna AM -- Andi Krall
  • low-level parallel models: PRAM, etc
  • Add these entries among concrete VMs:
  • You should search for the recurrent UNCOL issue in the archives of comp.compilers.
  • Discuss the choice of a universal language for distributing code
  • See the Tunes Migration Subproject.
  • an article in infoworld
  • an article from project SOR at INRIA
  • abstract state machines
  • Ian Piumarta: virtual machine guru, maintainer of the Squeak VM, working on the VVM project at SOR.
  • LispVM.
  • virtmach
  • File Format
  • Anton Ertl's vmgen
  • C Compiler dlopen VM

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