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Document Posted Author Abstract
Current Project Documents
Hardware Abstracts 12/15 Beholder A system of abstracting physical hardware to promote security and platform independence.
Visual Development Environment 11/15 Beholder An alternate, but important system of application development
Command Line GUI Interface 11/15 Beholder A method of controlling a GUI with the keyboard
Code Form Applications 11/15 Beholder Cross platform application distribution proposal
OS Install and Update 11/19 Beholder Issues that should be addressed with OS Installation
The Database File System 11/19 Beholder A proposal for a database back end to the file system
Program Management 11/19 Beholder A proposal for using the database back end for program management
Document Centric Design 11/20 Beholder Something to consider
Games First And Foremost 11/15 Beholder Home users need games.  No Universal OS will ever gain popularity without them.
Informational Documents
Unios: A definition 01/10 Beholder What is UniOS?
Definition of an OS 11/23 Srikant What is an OS? How does it work? (somewhat technical)
OS Kernels 12/02 Pieter A little overview and comparison
The Standard Scheduling Algorithm 12/16 Pieter A short description of the basic cpu scheduling algorithm used by most OSs today
The Perfection Of the OS 03/08 Beholder Why a perfect OS is not possible, and why a generic one is good
Outdated Documents
Object Oriented Hardware Abstract Model OS Theory 11/28 Beholder Another Proposed OS Layout
Kite Model OS Theory 11/15 Beholder A Proposed OS Layout
Object Oriented Hardware Abstracted No-Kernel OS Model 12/13 Beholder An updated proposed OS model. Not well documented yet, incomplete at this point.
Proposals, RFC, and Experimental Documents
Proposed Final OS Layouts 12/26 Beholder Two proposals for the final OS layout.
mOS Introduction 1/1 binEng mOS Concept, and how it fits into the UniOS project
UniOS Runtime Example #1 - Home User 3/20 Beholder This is the first of three runtime examples of the UniOS system in action. 
UniOS Runtime Example #2 - High End Workstation 3/23 Alan Coles This is a runtime example posted by a new member to the project.
UniOS Prototype 5/7 Beholder This is the prototype document, which contains prototype examples.