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Last Updated: Thursday December 9th 1999

The operating systems and software that run almost all of the computers in the world today are flawed.  Flawed in the way that they are slow, overly large, inefficient, and unstable... but we already know that.

What we don't realize is, that a more natural solution can be made with the technology we have now.  A Universal Operating System. A system that can accommodate the Home User, the Industrial User, and the Corporate User - newbie and techie alike.

We want to find the common ground that defines the essence of everything a computer represents to every user...  Read more about the philosophy of UniOS

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Thursday December 9th, 1999 - I'm sure your're wondering why it's taken this long for this update. UniOS is now in a state of hibernation. There never was a concencus between all group members as to what a "perfect" OS should be, therefore we realized that we needed to learn more. Until we have more experience, our ideas will stay as such. I hope you're not too dissapointed with us, we did have good intentions... However there will not be a UniOS anytime soon, but this page will remain to remind us that there is a project to come back to. It's a project with adimirable goals and with the potential to benefit all computer users. I'd like to thank all the people who have helped and contributed ideas to our project, there is to many to name, and I can't rember half of them :). I was going to end this by saying "We will be back" however to be realistic, I'll say: We should be back...
Friday May 7th, 1999 - The UniOS project has started a prototyping effort. The document can be found here: UniOS Prototyping Document This is only a preliminary example of structure but, if accepted, it will become the basis for the prototype. This is the UniOS project's first download :)

Friday April 9th, 1999 - Decided to renounce absolute and sole control of the project ;)  As you can see, all project inquiries will now go to the mailing list rather than just to me.  Now you can all receive, and reply to  the wonderful, and sometimes strange messages that I normally get :)

Tuesday March 23, 1999 - A new member of the UniOS project has stepped forward and given us a run time example document.  The new document focuses on a high-end workstation user, trying UniOS for the first time.  This document was inspired by the first runtime example

Also, the rebuttal to the perfectOS document is finally posted, it would be good to check that one out also.

Saturday March 20th, 1999 - I added my first runtime example document. Thankfully we work as a group, as even I find the document is lacking, and will need more input :)

I also have a reply to my previous document perfect OS, which I have not added yet, but should be up by tomorrow or Monday.