UniOS Project Philosophy

UniOS is not a development project yet.  Without ideas and planning, it will amount to nothing.  As the coordinator of this project, I'd like anyone with an opinion or an idea, to contact the project through the mailing list: unios@tunes.org (you don't have to be a member to post :)  and we will post anything on the page that is relevant to the project.  Keep in mind this is a new project and may, in all reality, be completely impossible.  We will not know that for sure until we try :)

We will not limit postings to the technical ramblings of developers or system engineers (although we would very much appreciate those), rather, we believe that anyone who uses a computer has some valid ideas as to what is wrong or right with the Operating System and Software they use.

Anyone can make a difference. We are not reducing chaos to order... just making the chaos better :)

Pat Wendorf
UniOS Project Coordinator

UniOS Project Goals

Working UniOS mission statement: "A Better OS for Everyone"

Here are the UniOS goals, but they are not final (except for #1):

1) Flexibility - This is our main focus. The more flexible you make something, the more useable it can be made, and thus has a longer life.

2) Stability - A measure of how reliable a system is.  We wish to achieve a "near zero downtime" system.

3) Security - A generic term meaning not only Multi user/Network type security, but also hardware and object security.

4) Speed - A measure of end user responsiveness.  Not necessarily flat out, single process begin to end time, but more a system wide "response to I/O request" time.

NOTE: Because flexibility is #1, we will believe we will be able to gear the system toward any type of specialized I/O response. (for those of you worried that speed is not #1 ;)