Computer Industry

Considering the Computing System as a whole is the most natural thing; but this is not what the computer industry (a political term) does and provides to its purchasers. Instead, the computer industry imposes a layered paradigm where:

This paradigm, based on secrecy and coarse-grained delivery, generates wondrous revenues to computer corporations, while the customer, who must pay for these or be a pirate, obtains very low service quality:

Of course, all this layering is purely arbitrary, with no efficiency or design ease reason. The victim is the next link of the chain (sometimes all links, when a corporation is present in the whole chain), and ultimately, the customer.

At the end this system recalls that used in the mafia, some sects, and actually is the same as in any hierarchically organized mob. But don't take it wrong, and let's just analyze why this happens. Firstly, there is no such thing as a world-wide conspiracy against the customer. Instead, there is a wild competition, where everyone is looking for his own short-term profit, without any law or regulation organism, without any professional ethics. That is, we face some law-of-the-strongest anarchy, which naturally structures itself in this mob-like organization. The Tunes project strives to provide means for a fair competition to appear.

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