Computing Freedom

This political term describes the freedom to use computers according to one's personal needs and tastes, and to undertake any computer work that won't deprive other computer users, while no one will be allowed to deprive anyone else likewise.

Freedom to use some piece of software basically means that this software be public. It is freedom to have access to all existing common computer knowledge (computer education), and to freely reuse it at will.

It is freedom to pay or to be paid for computing services at a rightful price as determined by the fairest and finest competition.

This freedom is being able to adapt and extend the system according to one's needs and taste, while still reusing existing parts of the system one already has.

It is the freedom not to suffer the dictatum to stick with the crippled tools currently provided by a company or having to rewrite everything from scratch.

It is the freedom of not being subjugated to the computer vendor of the huge monolithic piece of software you had to finally choose among other such pieces of software.

It is the freedom of not having to buy ever bigger computers to support ever growing packages that contain ever more features you do not need and not the ones you do need.

See Computing Liberalism.

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