Tuesday March 9th, 1999 - Just doing a simple update today, actually to this very file. There were some inconsistencies in the dates, and some spelling and grammar things (nothing too drastik ;) I have sent a mail outlining what I am currently working on, along with the newsletter type update. My hope is this project will continue until we have something usable (maybe an OS ;). 

Monday March 8th, 1999 - It's a new year (3 months since the last entry), and I guess I should update those interested on the project status. First, we are still somewhat affiliated with Tunes. My job as coordinator for both projects has been slack at best, due to my terrible time/access constraints. But there was another reason I've been busy, and that's been Linux. Linux is the biggest time waster I have ever encountered. I've spent loads of time configuring, and tweaking, my experimental box. I feel as though this time could have been more productively spent on working on the UniOS or Tunes project. Linux is like an addiction... I just HAD to get it working properly... I also believe it's time for me to go through the mailing list and create about 10-20 new documents based on what was said in the posts. There is so much good information just sitting there, waiting to be used. I also think it's time for me to get UniOS in the search engines again. For some reason the UniOS page is only located in dmoz.org (BTW: Very good search engine, and speaking of which, I should add a news item sometime with them as the main focus, maybe even a whole document). I think I will start bringing my laptop to school with me to write document in-between classes. It's currently 2:15 am... so I'm gonna go to bed now. I'd like to end this by saying, the project is not dead, as some would think, and I believe I have stopped giving any thought to the negative criticism I've received from various sources. This project will go on... 

Wednesday December 16th, 1998 - Wow, it's been a long time since I've last written :) The holiday season chaos is over, so I hope to have more time to spend on the project. I know in my last entry I said I had 200+ messages... now it is 300+ :) (not to mention 700+ hits on the page! I wanna see it hit 1000 :) I know this sounds extremely repetitive, but the project is still moving at a very fast pace, and I am still very happy with the members the project consists of.  I have added my first document I consider worthy of being a final. I still have not added the mOS or the language based inter process communications document from OJ. This is due the the fact that I have switched over to an IMAP mail server, so I can only read my mail while connected. I usually update the page off-line (I will find a solution soon! :)  I have a deal in the works at the moment that might make the UniOS project grow very large very quickly (and I will be up to my neck in more work :). Due to the fact that parties involved wish for it to remain quiet, I can't say what it is at the moment, but all members will be informed if it goes through. Speaking of interesting deals... the UniOS project now has members from quite a few different and distinct OS projects, all of which wish to help us, and themselves. I believe that is a beautiful way of working things out :). As soon as I get a better handle on who's just in the mailing list, and who's joining the effort, I will add more people to the members list. My final word for today is: snow... we have lots of it where I am :)

Tuesday December 15th, 1998 - I've just moved back home to attend school, and my hopes are that I will be able to update the page as frequently (or more :).  I will, however, be busy over the holidays so I won't be updating as frequently as I have been... although after New Year's the updates should be back and better than ever. The project is going well at this point, and I think we are progressing quite well. I don't expect any coding for quite a few more months. The members list is steadily growing (as is my inbox :)... I currently have 200+ messages in total for the project, with an average of 5-10 messages per day. In the event that it hasn't been said, I would not mind any help when it comes to promoting the project, for the purpose of getting more members to our project. We are currently at 12 or 13 members, but more would be better :) As for members who are already working hard, I'd like to thank you, again if I have not done so :)

Sunday December 13th - Hmm... noticed I didn't add an entry for last time. The project has some new members: Alexis, and Enrique. They have both written to me a couple of times, and are now part of the project. And if I have not done so yet, welcome to the project :) (that means all of you who I have not welcomed yet also :).  I have added in a document of my own, possibly to get the ball rolling a little faster. It is another OS model based on some of what was discussed in the mailing list. It's only a rough draft, so please try to use some imagination on what it's capable of :) I'll explain it better if it's well received.  If not, it will be revised.

Tuesday December 2nd, 1998 - I changed the page format a little.  Just a test, to see how people will like it.  I've been told by everyone who's seen it, that it is better than the current Magenta, on dark purple background.  Personally I find the original format easier to read on screen.  However it is the majority that rules the project.  If everyone else finds the other colors easier to read, then that is what I want also :)

Tuesday December 1st, 1998 - I signed up with a free mailing list service, after having a conversation with a member on the topic of better group communication.  As it sits, I am the only voice of the project to all members.  With this new communications system, we can act more as a group, and be less centrally dependent.  So all people who have ever sent me mail about the project, has been invited to join the new mailing list (it is of course optional), and with it we can all discuss ideas.  I noticed the page hit counter jumped up about 50 when I updated the page.  This implies that we have lots of people who are interested in the project, but have not mailed me.  I think of them as closet members :)  Step out and be free :)  I hope this mailing list turns out to be a great addition to the project.

Sunday November 29th, 1998 - Wrote a new proposed OS model, it's a little less vague than kite model, so it might be good to check it out.  I also put in examples of user interaction, which I believe (now), should be done with all OS model proposals.  I not only did this to clear up how it works to others, but also to myself.  I get about 5 e-mails a day now on the project.  The biggest criticism is on the mission statement (..and OS for all people...).  I wrote in the ideology, that in all reality that may be impossible, and about 10% of my mail is people stating that fact. At that point it gets hard to ignore.  But I am an idealist down to the core.  I believe there can be a design that fits all computers, all users, all situations. I know it's hard (impossible) to envision it, but that is the primary goal of the project... something better... for everyone.  And, if that's not achievable, then something better, for as many people as possible.  But preferably, everyone. On another, more realistic, topic: I'm currently writing this document off-line, but last page count that was told to me (on Friday), was 266.  My guess is, at the time of this writing, it's about 310 or higher.  I can safely say we have lots of traffic :)

Saturday November 28th, 1998 - I have been caught up at work lately, hence the reason it took me so long to update.  In this short week, we have gained a new member, and have received e-mail from five more potential members. We have quite a few documents committed to be written, but none have been completed yet. I, unfortunately have not had time to complete any new documents for the page.  Time is not a constraint yet,  but it's starting to look like I'm going to need some administration help soon.  Anyone thinking they could help the project in this way, I would be appreciative.  This is not a real big concern yet, unless everyone wants daily updates.

Monday November 23rd, 1998 - We now have two new documents from some of the new members of the project.  They are posted under Pure Concepts/Research, and I'd highly recommend checking them out.  One of the documents is from a new member, Pieter Dumon.  He has an interesting web page on OS concepts also, which is posted in the members list.  UniOS has hit a landmark, but I missed it.  I think we were up to 100 hits sometime this weekend.  At the moment of this writing, we are up to 167.  You can discount about 25 of them as being mine, from updates and stuff.  I think it's impressive, how much interest the project draws.  I think we have some real smart people, and a whole lotta ideas.  What we will end up with is not even known to me :)

Friday November 20th, 1998 (Part II) - I put a table menu in the index page, I find it makes it a little easier and quicker to navigate.  I also updated some small things (grammar, incorrect terminology) in a few of the older pages.

Friday November 20th, 1998 - The UniOS group has a new member.  Srikant Sharma, who's resume is quite impressive, has joined our little group to hopefully add some experienced advice and knowledge to the project.  I have also completed four more documents under the pure section (I seem to favor that one). The reason I did four of them, was that they are interrelated.  Check em out if you have time, I think I need some feedback on them.

Wednesday November 18th, 1998 - UniOS now has a direction! We have a "Documents to be completed" section.  I though this would be a good idea because it allows others to discuss the documents, before they are even written.  I also received an e-mail from the designer of an OS project called XT... (no jokes about the revival of the 80x86! :)  The person was amazed at the fact that the UniOS project seemed so very similar to his/her own project.  The response I gave was: "People like us aren't creative... just look at things as they should be".  I hope this person and I will get to do some discussing, and if we are working on the same level, there may be a project merger.  I'd like to keep UniOS for myself, but... a better OS is for everyone.

Sunday November 15th, 1998 -  The UniOS project may have a new member who would be writing a document on Kernel's. If this person works out, they will be in the members list in short order.  The only change that has been done since yesterday, is I added my ICQ UIN to the bottom of every page, and I put a Writer/Date thing at the top of all the documents (I think this is necessary).  I also added a mirror's list (explanation is on that page).

Saturday November 14th, 1998 - A steady stream of mail is coming in, and the page has undergone a slight change.  As you can see, I have a menu bar type thing, at the bottom of all but the index page.  At the bottom of the index page, I added a web page counter.  Other than that, no new documents yet, however they are being worked on.

Thursday November 11th, 1998 - UniOS is now mainstream!.... well not yet... I joined a web ring (see links).  But I've gotten a total of 2 emails from this venture.  Both were compliments and constructive criticism on the page layout, which as you can see, I followed (font size went down from 24 to 18).  I think it looks much nicer.  I have no new documents today due to the acquisition of a new laptop, and all the setup and testing that requires.  I found it in a place called "The Upgrade Factory", based out of Missasauga (near Toronto... yes I am Canadian :).  What does this have to do with the project?  Nothing, I just thought I'd mention it cuz I got a great deal, and they were nice people! :)

Saturday November 7th, 1998 - I sent out some emails for some other OS project collection pages.  Hopefully these will amount to a little more traffic :)  I also created/uploaded a new document today concerning the distribution of applications to the end user, and platform independence.  I am the only document provider at this point, however I believe some others will have some soon.

Wednesday November 4th, 1998 - Wow! 2 documents in one week span :)  There is yet another new document under pure concepts.  It describes the concepts of using typed in commands in a GUI system.  I changed the index page also.

Sunday November, 1st, 1998 - I've completed a document on Visual Development environments, which can be found under Pure Concepts.  As you can see the page has changed slightly :)  The color has gone from that annoying black on white, to a much more readable, magenta on purple.  Some may say the color change gives the page less impact.  I believe its the readability that is important and the concepts presented... not the color that should impact the reader.  The UniOS logo will remain in its black on white form until I can create something better. The logo has it's own impact :)  I resent the fact that Linux has that cute penguin... I want my own cute animal logo... Maybe like the Linux penguin, I can have a little lama... or an emu... sitting on the corner of the logo.  Anyone with any cute animal logo's can send them to me, and I'll be glad to post them, or even use them for the project.  I wrote into Patrick Bridges almost a month ago, to ask if he could link to my web page... he hasn't gotten back to me yet.  Either he doesn't check his mail, or I'm not important enough :)   So it looks like it will take other means to advertise the page...  No big deal yet.  I only have six real documents up at this time.... patience...

Sunday, October, 25th, 1998 - I've uploaded a new document on exokernel architecture.  Nothing big happening with the project yet,  other than compliments from every visitor.  The project seems to ring truth to some people.

Tuesday, October 20th, 1998 - I have been working on other projects lately, so I have not updated in a while.  I added some stuff to some old documents... can't remember what (what do you expect? I did it a whole 10 min ago :)  I also added a new document for the Home Users section on games.  The document is short and doesn't define anything, only because I haven't written the rest yet :)

Sunday, October 4th, 1998 - Got my first compliment for the page, hopefully from a future member :)  I added a cheesy counter and chat room, which I don't imagine I'll ever need or use. I also added the terminology page, and after I write this, I'm going to add the member page.  It will be small :)  I'm also thinking about making one of those web buttons for those who link to my page. I think a link page is also in order.

Saturday, October 3rd 1998 - Well... didn't keep that once a week thing, but I've been busy :)  I got the first (very incomplete) OS model in the Pure Research page, it's interesting to me at least :)

Sunday, September 9th 1998 - This is the official birth of this page.  As of this date the UniOS group consists of me (and maybe those people who pity or humor me)... gawd that sound so very... loser.  UniOS is a concept that has been in my mind for many years now (at least 2) and it gives me great joy to finally make a web page... against all warning from psychic sources that say my idea will be stolen and used for evil... But I say to myself:
"Why the hell would Microsoft even want to look at my page?" :)

Monday September 10th - Added the base pages (for now), only 2 people besides myself have even seen the page... and... well... I told them to see it, promising it would be cool.... some day...  I'm already about 20 written articles behind... and these are just mine :-(