Programming Language

A topic for programming languages, a term for computational languages that are at least as expressive as the lambda calculus.

Actually, a proper definition would require Turing machine equivalence, but lambda calculus suffices for non-interacting machines and computations that should halt (but what good are those?). However, not all languages listed here, like C, are sufficiently expressive, but a good enough approximation in practice, once supplemented with proper libraries.

Lambda calculus is turing complete. Here is an example of a program that will run forever in lamba calculus:

(λx. x x) (λx. x x)

When the term on the right is substituted into the term on the left it yields the original program.

A turing machine is a non-interacting machine. A Turing machine program can either halt or run forever - it cannot interact with the outside world.

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