CLiki Bugs

Describe any issues you have with the CLiki below the line. Try not to duplicate any of the known bugs at's bug-report page.

The CTO server is more stable now that it uses an apache reverse-proxy like the maintainer of araneida himself does. Please tell me immediately about any problem you experience.
-- Fare 2004-05-25

The history mechanism doesnt't show the first version at the bottom of the page (version 0: see for example the node Pattern-Matching. Anyway, you can access the first version appending a ?v=0 at the node URI.
-- MaD70 2004-10-16

The link to the node Word Processors: Stupid and Inefficient, although rendered correctly with escaped characters, when followed results in a 502 Proxy Error.
-- MaD70 2004-05-26

Titles which include '/'s such as CP/M are 404s.
-- hcf 2004-06-08

Solved at last: apache mod_proxy's ProxyPass feature was badly broken. See problems and fix in Apache bug 29554... -- Faré 2004-06-16

Is this really solved? The CP/M link still fails, as do PL/I and Mozart/Oz

Well, we had failed to recompile a patched mod_proxy when upgrading apache for security reasons. It's fixed (again) now. -- Faré 2004-09-28

Sometimes editing a node leaving the Summary box blank does not avoid making another Recent Changes entry. See for example CAPE recently added.
-- MaD70 2004-06-11

Solved? There was a thinko in my cliki patch's save-page. Hopefully fixed without introducing a new bug... -- Faré 2004-06-16

The hyperlinked question mark at the end of the sentence: "If you intend to deface this site please at least read here?" on the main index page (close to the bottom) is horribly broken with what appears to be content in the link itself. Nevermind... I see that the index page has potentially been defaced. See version 8 for a good one)

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