Artificial Intelligence

A term with at least two intended meanings:
  1. A nebulous term describing any effort with computers and the devices people embed them in to re-create human-like interactions. Generally there is a spectrum of methods for doing this, ranging from mimicry to various degrees of simulation. There are also methods for doing this which arise entirely out of simple interactions and basic laws.
  2. A more colloqial use of the term is to describe the programming heritage that grew up around the research involved with it, often causing languages to become branded as "AI programming languages", such as Lisp and Prolog. These kinds of flexible (and usually reflective) programming languages are what the Tunes project exists to enhance.

A Tunes system should be a good platform for the first definition, but that development falls outside of Tunes' scope.

Refer to books such as Marvin Minsky's "The Society of Mind", or Jacques Pitrat's "Metaconnaissance" as for a cultural background on the kind of things we can expect AI to be.

"Computer Science strives for a better understand of things we already know how to do, whereas Artificial Intelligence research is about everything we don't know how to do yet."

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