Tao OS

An OS. See also TAOS VM.

Without having time to write a decent summary, here's a 1994 article from the BYTE magazine. Even though Tao OS/Elate/Intent has progressed in the 10 years since this article was written, this still seems to be a good introduction to the basics.

It's a pity that the multi-processor capability has never been seriously used to my knowledge. Also note that the AmigaDE (or whatever they call it tomorrow) is an attempty to build a (proprietry) scalable OS ontop of the Tao OS.

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July 1994 / Features / Parallel Course

The Taos operating system uses objects from the ground up to enable processors based on different architectures to work together on the same problem

by Dick Pountain

Body of the article snipped until clarified its status.

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