PoLITe project

A project involving systematic uses of metaprogramming techniques. Project description (see below):

The project PoLITe (Product Line Implementation Technologies) aims at providing software-developing organizations methods for realizing an efficient way of implementing their software in a generic and reusable manner.

PoLITe is based on existing implementation techniques but integrates them into a comprehensive framework, which enables organizations to systematically select a set of techniques suited for the kind of genericity required for their products.

The PoLITe integrates product line development, component-based development, and model-driven architectures. Hence, its results are concrete and applicable in many environments already today and even more tomorrow.

In PoLITe, variations among systems are managed within three technological dimensions; variation is managed through configuration management concepts, component (de-)composition, or programming language mechanisms. The latter subsumes code generators.

PoLITe represents a holistic approach that supports the identification of simple but efficient ways for managing variation. PoLITe minimizes changes required to an existing organization while introducing product line technologies at the implementation level.

PoLITe characterizes existing implementation techniques and captures experience to allow the effectiveness of techniques to be determined for particular application contexts.

See also Feature-Oriented Programming

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