An OS, by Greg Law, based on the idea of building an entire Operating System from software components (based on CORBA and its ORB) that can be replaced and recycled; it also introduces an x86-specific security model based on segmentation and code scanning (an example of a no-kernel system).

It seems as if code scanning can be reduced to the "Halt problem" and is therefore not determinable. In this context, that actually means you can always write a program which will make the code scanner run forever or if it stops at some point, execute a "illegal" instruction.
-- Dante

Your is a strong statement without a proof. It seems you are artificially complicating the issue: code scanning here simply means to search for occurrences of protect-mode instruction opcodes (regarding, in particular, segment registers). Other security mechanisms are implemented in the Object Request Broker (ORB). Also it is sensible to combine code scanning with other techniques: for example, Typed Assembly Language (TAL), Language-Based Security, Information-Flow Security, Capability and so on.
-- MaD70

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