FreeDOS is an OS, a free DOS clone, based on Pat Villani's DOS-C kernel. It currently works, though not compatible with all known DOS extensions and undocumented features (that some apps require), but they are getting there. The project is currently under very active development. Some things that work under FreeDOS Beta 8 include:

  • -Catacomb Abyss 3D
  • -Wolfenstien 3D
  • -DOOM
  • -Quake
  • -Ken's Labyrinth (if you haven't heard of it, it's an old FPS by Ken Silverman, who later wrote the Build engine, used in DN3D and Shadow Warrior)
  • -Duke Nukem 3D
  • -Red Baron
  • -Windows 1.01

    A Holy Grail (sort of) is getting Windows 3.1 to run under FreeDOS. Win3.1 runs fine in both 286/standard and 386/enhanced modes if I start DR-DOS 7 off a floppy, and launch Win from there. If Win is launched from FDB8 off the boot HDD in 286 mode it shows the splat screen, brings up the gray background, and finally gives me a message box that says something like "kernel386.exe has caused a fatal exeption" I then click the "OK" button, and it quits to dos, saying "INVALID DPMI RETURN". In 386 mode, it still shows the splat screen, then quits with "ERROR: UNSUPPORTED MS-DOS VERSION", as it does with anything it doesn't like.

    OpenGEM is a GUI for FreeDos 9 and above

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