Blind Men and the Elephant

An essay about the TUNES Project, initiated by water. First, see a publication of the parable as a nice poem.

A lot of people when first encountering the overall description of TUNES, wonder why all of that in one system? Isn't it simpler than that? Can't we summarize it in a sentence or two?

This is turns out to be part of the problem that the project was begun to address in the first place. Everyone has particular uses for computers, and particular ways that tradition has shaped their ideas about "what computers do" and "how things are done". So the first things that occur to them are that such a multi-faceted thing solves the problems they see in their viewpoint. But TUNES is not about particular viewpoints, or even particular classes of viewpoints.

They are like blind men describing an elephant by touching on parts of it and identifying the whole with what they know or expect.

To be continued...