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The Open-Source Mouse that Roars!

The computer revolution that started at Xerox PARC Labs in the 1970's is reborn in a much truer form as an open-source, highly portable, platform-independent Smalltalk-80 system with a powerful set of programming tools as well as some advanced applications and user-interface features that all enjoy the benefits of Smalltalk's dynamic programming system. The development cycle of applications within this project is extremely short due to an enthusiastic user-base and a great sense of community (and of course the development tools and environment).

Squeak has its own:

Common Lisp

The Lisp community has its own:


Maude is a reflective, executable specifications language based on algebraic concurrent term-substitution (or rewrite). Maude is powerful because it is a meta-logic: you can specify the logic of your system without regards to whether it terminates or is consistent, simply by specifying the possible inferences or state-transitions with directed equations. What makes this work is that you can specify a reduction strategy in Maude itself. This is far more powerful than other logic languages which perform back-tracking or only give limited control over their own model.

The research demonstrated at the site explains how this can be applied to many different domains that are useful to describing and learning about well-behaved systems and software, even in distributed or systems-software settings.

I was involved with the Maude 2.0 effort, which is GPL-licensed software.


CSLI Publications

A research publications group interested in the cross-disciplinary aspects of computer science, philosophy, logic, and language.


The birthplace of workstations, graphical user interfaces, ethernet networking, and generative programming.

CiteSeer (ResearchIndex)

A totally comprehensive catalog of research material and bibliographies and citations in Computer Science.


Another, less comprehensive and less meta-data-rich, site hosting computer science research papers.


Open pre-print server of research papers in the Sciences.

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