Wily is a TUI style of user interface for Unix-like OSes inspired by the Plan9 Acme TUI.

This is a nice interface, but it forces the user to use the mouse too much, which is very inefficient. See WIMP for why windows and mice are bad. -- seaslug

I beg to differ. The mouse is a lot faster than navigating with the keyboard. Switching between the two (which is what is slow, but still faster than navigating with the keyboard) isn't that common in Wily: either you're typing new text with the keyboard, or you're copying or moving text around using the mouse. --AnonymousDonor

Well, you're wrong. period. The mouse is well suited for graphical tasks, but for text, it's slow. On average, a keystroke takes a user .4 seconds to switch his hand from keyboard to mouse and vice versa, and 1.1 seconds to point to a position on the display. These numbers vary on the user and what is being pointed to, but with a text interface like wily, it's likely that the second number is larger because the user is pointing at something so small. In contrast, it takes .2 seconds to tap a key. I understand that it may seem easier to seek to text using a mouse, but try emacs' incremental search to seek to text and you'll be hooked, even though it's modal. Overall, the keyboard is much faster than the mouse. If you don't reply to this argument in a few days I'm going to remove your reply and mine from this page. -- seaslug