Tril is David E. Manifold's alias

I prefer to go by Tril online... it is short for Tril 0. Byte and it doesn't mean anything in particular. It was my BBS name back in the day.

I do not approve of the TUNES project planning to reserve the right to offer non-free support. (, just over half-way down the page, under "old blurb")

I completely agree with the Principles (formerly Requirements), but am not so sure if I support the HLL Definition and Architecture. I have a different system in mind, which I am implementing (with the help of HenZo) in Max. All my code will be released to the Public Domain, thus it could be used in anyone else's project if they want, but I do not care if anyone else likes my project and I will continue working on it whether it gets supported by the TUNES project or not.

Less talk, more code

I have come to believe that writing about TUNES is just spinning thin air. I prefer not to say anything any more until there is working code. This is why I am not active in the specifications discussion or other discussion threads on TUNES. I believe this is also why none of my writings ever became more complete: Because there is no practical code, or experience with code, to make the writing have any substance, I always simply trailed off without any clue of how my ideas went together.

So, anyone can post my old writings to CLiki if they want, but keep in mind that the words have no substance and that I don't intend to edit them until there's code.

What I'm up to

These are the projects I'm working on that allow me to fund my own TUNES (Max) development and Bespin.

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