MorphOS OS is a new OS based on the Quark microkernel. It uses the concept of "Boxes" for API compatability, currently providing an AmigaOS-compatable API Box called the ABox. MorphOS entered into public beta in 2000 and is now shipping at version 1.0. It began as a migration-path for the AmigaOS by the company Phase5, under contract from Escom, then owner of the Amiga. Escom's buyout by Gateway 2000 did not halt development, but only when the new Amiga owners, Amiga, Inc took over did MorphOS step away from being the next-generation AmigaOS as Amiga, Inc licensed the idea to Hyperion Entertainment.

Even with that setback, MorphOS has reached version 1.0 and is publically availible, sold with the Genesi SARL produced motherboard, the Pegasos.