hierarchical windows navigation

I would guess this is an already known model, with some links on the net somewhere. Anyway, as I begin to hate the way windows navigation works under current implementations, I'd like to really suggest people facing the task of choosing a way use to navigate through windows a simple way.

In fact,I think I hate windows in the first place and that they should be removed and that we should use full-screen windows. Anyway, I think my model could be use with current windows interfaces too.

Like I said, I say my model, because I don't know people that have described it before, even if I guess it already exist.

I suggest that the windowing system have two kind of creation: create_sister_window and create_child_window. And that all childs of a windows, be linked in a circular linked-list. That way, one would have a previous key, and a next key to go through the childs windows. What need to ne added is an up key to go to the parent window, and I guess a close-window key would be nice too.

That's it, nothing more complicated than that!

I also believe that for each windows created, one would choose if the underlying process must continue, or be stopped when the windows lost focus.

That is so simple, that I feel stupid to write a node to suggest this.

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