A user interface and an Information Retrieval system for the average computer user.

Slogans from Overview:

Excerpts from Design Principles:

Haystack is a system designed to improve the way people manage all the information they work with on a day to day basis. Haystack exhibits a number of improvements over current information management approaches:

  1. Genericity. Haystack incorporates and exposes all types of information in a single, coherent manner. [..]
  2. Flexibility. The data types Haystack understands are not hard-wired; any additional types of information that a user wants to work with can be easily incorporated. [..]
  3. User-Object Orientedness. Haystack breaks down the artificial barriers created by giving distinct applications responsibility for different data types. Instead, Haystack attempts to match a userís own focus on objects in view and what can be done with them. [..]

The breaking down of application barriers is very useful. [..]