The GNU project, founded by Mr. Richard M. Stallman (aka RMS), has a leading place among free software projects, of which it is a precursor. The ideas about free software developed in this project are mostly agreed to by the Tunes people; namely that by promoting generalized constructive distribution of information flow, instead of the centralized destructive organization imposed by the large corporations who held the power up to now in the computing field, the computer users and programmers are freer, more happy, and more productive.

However, the technical goals of the Tunes project are completely different from those of the GNU project. The GNU project aims at replacing existing non-free tools by free compatible counterparts, with a freedom to make better counterparts that is inevitably followed by programmers. The Tunes project aims at refounding computing systems on cleaner grounds, by rejecting any flaws in traditional design, and not directly caring about any kind of compatibility. The GNU project is much more pragmatic, and of immediate need and use. The Tunes project is looking for longer-term utility. The two projects do not fight each other, which would be against their common free software philosophy. Instead, I feel they are complementary, and should enrich each other.

Read about the GNU spirit, including this (old, but not outdated) speech by RMS about the goals of the GNU project.

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