EAI OnTradition

.... instead of being restricted to mere "technical" matters. Any bound between "technical" and "non-technical" matters is arbitrary and conventional anyway; this doesn't make such bound forcibly useless, just that it cannot cluster the utility of the scientific spirit. .... I find it a shame that pupils, in french schools at least, and my cousins in particular, do never learn the scientific spirit, which is the essence of science and the single achievement that earnt the western world global domination, and the single most important intellectual preparation they need to face the complexity of an ever faster evolving world, but only (a forcibly tinier and tinier part of) its offsprings, knowledge and technology. Science is a process, Knowledge and Technology are but the byproduct of its historical trail, of its past successes and failures, just like slime is the byproduct of a snail as it moves forward. .... [To Do: Reuse data from e-mails with Boris Borcic]

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