TUNES Project Members

TUNES lurkers are those who think TUNES ideas are cool, or interesting, and often check back at this site for updates. If you are one of these people, sign up below and you can get your information published on our site for others to read.

TUNES members are those who go above and beyond visiting the site now and then, and actually contribute something on the project. This might be as little as posting on the mailing list or editing web pages, or as involved as writing code for a prototype system that helps explore TUNES ideas.

If you actually need access to TUNES CVS or are a contributor and want a email address or other hosting, then visit the Bespin Account Application page, and enter TUNES as the project. If you're listed under Contributors, you will probably be granted an account.

(There's also a short list if you prefer that.)

TUNES Members, Lurkers & Contributors

This is a list of people interested in TUNES. To add your name to this page, use this Member Application Form.

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