Copyright & License

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all the material in the TUNES project, including these WWW pages, are

Copyright (c) 1994-2007 François-René Bân "Faré" Rideau Ðang-Vu and the Members of the TUNES project.

You may freely redistribute this material according to the terms of the GNU LGPL, version 2.1 or later.

Which basically means anyone can freely redistribute this software, but must respect intellectual property by doing so, and cannot restrict the rights of the recipients. If you distribute software from this project, you must also distribute the copyrights together; if you modify anything and distribute the results, you must make the original available, too, and make it explicitly clear what part of the distributed software is yours, and what is ours.

The point of all this is to ensure that our ideas stay in the public domain, even in the face of legal action by a powerful corporation.

Contributing Information

By contributing information to the TUNES project, by submitting a patch, an e-mail message, or otherwise, you implicitly grant the TUNES project and its members a non-exclusive right to use, modify and redistribute it under any license that the project sees fit now, or will see fit in the future. Failure to explicitly state otherwise implies acceptance of these conditions.

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