zzz is a project to subvert the Unix daemon infrastructure bit by bit.

The idea is to provide an infrastructure for queueing and scheduling robust persistent continuations of a lisp dialect on top of posix.

A post in the Mailing Lists by Fare provides miscellaneous ideas on the design of a future version of zzz.

The current plan is to use, extend and port the Tube, and provide services based on it. Initial services will be a robust job scheduler (replacing at), then to replace cron/anacron, inetd, etc. Ask jao about it.

Notes: at first, get the Tube to work in a current Bigloo or MzScheme, and try the concepts. Then, consider porting to Common Lisp: first by metaprogramming Scheme into CL [Note that there is a Scheme to CL converter, scm2cl -- MaD70], then by metaprogramming CL into CL (probably based on Screamer).

Notes v2: bknr seems to provide most of the infrastructure intended for zzz. Add some Tube-like thing based upon Screamer or UnCommon Web, and there you'll have it.

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