We say that something is useful if and only if it improves the world. Utility the term is not an absolute concept: it depends to both to the moral concept of "good", and to the set of considered possible alternatives. In particular, utility greatly varies from people to people, as people differ a lot (well, this qualifier is purely a style effect, as we're not confronting this difference to another magnitude) in how they think and in what they know.

An excellent reference about how utility and morals are linked is "Utilitarianism" by John Stuart Mill, 1863.

Utility is opposed to harmfulness, and Expediency in its restricted sense. In the TUNES project, we do try to develop and follow some moral; however, the techniques of fine-grained competition we develop are generic enough so that according to the way they are used (i.e. to the way feedback is provided to potential and actual providers of competing modules), they will be the best developing techniques for any considered moral.

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