The Unununium, aka Uuu, "operating engine" is "a highly componentized system, where each component can be dynamically loaded, unloaded, replaced at runtime. This concept is pushed to the extreme, completely removing the presence of a kernel". The promoters are assembly hackers mostly coming from V2_OS and a previous OS project named 4th Axis/THoD Core. Written in assembly, it aims toward offering a no-kernel, SAS, real-time GUI-based system where components named cells are loaded in memory by a linker, which is then unloaded as the control is transferred to them. Everything is dynamic, so that cells can install and replace cells at runtime without need to bring down the system, a paradigm they name "organic software". Unununium is described as an "operating engine" instead of operating system, where

An operating engine offers services and a programming model to work on. An operating system offers an interface (GUI or CLI) to some of those services and also normally comes with a set of tools that allows you to use this system.

The project is under active development at this time (jan 2003), a disk image booting a minimal shell and a disk image with a demo of the realtime engine are available. All these features make the project very interesting, in my (schizophonic) opinion.

2004-07-16: this information is quite outdated. Project is still under active development.