Our term for the notion that all computer abstractions are equal, and may equally be subject to any operation, without any arbitrary prejudice or discrimination, including "code" vs "data", or "persistent" vs "transient". The TUNES Project proposes that there be Unified frame to manipulate objects, then.

The unified concept for computer abstractions may be named term, list, s-exp, Object, Actor, pattern, meme, or whatever; all these words and more have been used before in various contexts. The specific term used doesn't matter. What counts is the Unity, or Simplicity that flows from this unified point of view, which frees computing from stubborn constraints; it abolishes prejudices about the objects. This is the meaningful concept common to most uses of the "Object-Oriented" buzzword. It means that all computing objects are made equal in front of man.

See programming languages Lisp, CAML, Self, and Beta.

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