A term indicating a feature of a software component whose behavior, i.e., whose semantics, is not influenced by some aspect. Its opposite is aware.

For instance, remote procedure call/method invocation purposes to make procedure call/method invocation location-transparent. By converse, code migration is usually location-aware (you specify where you want to move code/state, or from where you want to pull it, often in the very same code which moves).

Often, transparency also means that you also cannot make it explicit, even though you may want to. Via reflection, this kind of expressive limit can be overcome.

A technique specifically thought to "isolate" different concerns, program them independently with a domain-specific language, and combine them in the final program is aspect-oriented programming.

I've replaced the previous definition with one which seems to me more accurate. I report the previous one in the case someone does not agree: A term for a software feature that is implicit, in that you don't have to care about it or even ask for it. -- schizophonic

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