Newbie Support

Hi! Welcome to the TUNES Newbie Support Area. This area is designed to provide the necessary assistance to anyone new to TUNES, using direct interaction between newcomers and the experienced crew. If you're new, post your questions below and a TUNESer will try their best to help you.


The Learning Lounge is designed as a series of self-taught courses meant to include the background information necessary to contribute to the TUNES project. The self-taught method is not the right approach for everyone; sometimes people want to get help from a real person, or at least advisement about where to begin in the learning lounge. In addition, if we in the TUNES project can effectively communicate our ideas to people, we can be better assured that we understand them ourselves. The newbies can help us refine our documentation so that it is more clear.


Before you ask questions, please carefully read at least The TUNES Root Project, the TUNES FAQ, and the TUNES High-Level Language Principles. Then, take a look around the Learning Lounge, enough to get a feel for what you're getting into. If you've got more time on your hands, check out some of the TUNES Mailing List Archives or search the site or the CLiki (search box at the bottom of this page) for some keywords. Then, think for a while. The TUNES project is not like anything else, and does not lend itself well to instantly grasping what it's all about, so you do have to ponder. You will most likely want to come back and read the documents several times over.


If you've gone through all that, you probably have lots of questions. This is the place for them! Just click the "Edit Source" link at the bottom of this page, then scroll down to the end of the text and put your cursor at the end. Make a blank line, then type your comments at the end. You can put your name after your comments or in the name field, or ask anonymously. Then click Save. After some time (it depends on how busy we are, maybe a few days or a week), a reply should show up after your comments.

If you're replying, put your reply in a tag with class="comment", like this sentence, so that it gets formatted differently from the question.

Ask away:

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