Mailing List Posts of Interest

This is a collection of essays collecting notes from the past several years of the TUNES mailing list archives.

October, 1994

LLL: definition of terms

a no-kernel system and all the replies to it, including this later follow-up, and the replies to that.

HLL sketches of ideas.

some HLL comments by Jecel, and a reply from Fare which describes HLL and LLL as complementary aspects of Tunes instead of separate languages.

sexpressions, sexpr, sex! and all the replies, concerning Lisp's version versus a theoretical functor-based S-expression concept.

Erm... some humour. :-)

Chris Harris' old Worlds UI thread.

The source/inspiration of the old LLL motto.

June, 1995

December, 1997: Some talk about meta-circularity. A previous thread discusses basic operations.

October, 1998: defining reflection.

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