Jargon are a collection of terms that have a precise meaning in a given technical or cultural context, and that help people of a given milieu communicate in a precise and concise way. Although they will be ununderstandable to the novice or stranger, jargon terms are an essential way to communicate between technicians, that could only be unambiguously replaced each with very long and boring sentences, which is unpracticable, anyway.

Jargon is not to be confused with buzzwords. Both often look superficially the same to non-technicians: words that do not have a meaning in common language, or used outside of a common meaning that they may have. However, jargon is used to convey meaning efficiently, whereas buzzwords are meant to hide lack of meaning. Making a difference between jargon and buzzwords, between information and hype, between technicians and crooks, is not that difficult, but demands an effort, or at least, an interest, that sadly isn't as commonly found as should.

The jargon file is a repository of computer hacker jargon.

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