Ethics and Information

An essay, by David Andel, commenting(?) Fare's article on Ethics and Information.
I just read a bit in Fare's article on Ethics and Information and thought that it could be improved in a Wiki manner, not knowing about the existence of this wiki... Fare seemed to like my idea and sent me the link to this place so I've done now the first step towards that... -- David Andel

Done so far: copied the text into the wiki.

Todo: layout, writing :-)

Table of Contents

EAI TheWarnings

EAI ForeWord

EAI DocumentHistory

On Truth

EAI OnTheQuestForTruth (done?)

EAI OnRelativity (early draft)

EAI OnOpenMindedness (done)

EAI OnScience (early draft)

EAI OnTradition (early draft)

EAI OnTheLimitsOfScience (early draft)

EAI OnObjectivity (early draft)


On Rational Interaction

EAI OnInteraction (to appear)

EAI OnInfluencingPeople (to appear)

EAI OnRationalDiscussion (to appear)

EAI OnDefinitions (to appear)

EAI OnIntrospection (to appear)


On The Scientific Method

EAI OnFormalReasoning (early draft)

EAI OnDeduction (to appear)

EAI OnInduction (to appear)

EAI OnReification (to appear)

EAI OnQuotienting (to appear)

EAI OnReality (early draft)


On Knowledge Management

EAI OnKnowledge (to appear)

EAI OnCommitment (to appear)

EAI OnResearch (to appear)

EAI OnAuthority (to appear)

EAI OnMetaInformation (to appear)

EAI OnRelevance (to appear)


On The Knowable Universe

EAI OnKnowability (to appear)

EAI OnTheTimelinessOfInformation (early draft)

EAI OnSkepticMaterialism (done?)

EAI OnDeterminism (done?)

EAI OnTheNatureOfFreedom (done?)


On Ethics

EAI OnGoalsAndMeans (to appear)

EAI OnCybernetics (to appear)

EAI OnEvolution (to appear)

EAI OnMemetics (to appear)

EAI OnLiberty (to appear)


EAI RandomDraftNotes

EAI BibliographyOnEaI

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