Brief Summary

The Software Problem

Computers were invented to manage information. They do so according to programs (software) that we create. However, in the present day, computers are not managing information decently. Instead, they have spawned the creation of vast numbers of programs, which are themselves pieces of information needing management. To solve the problem of too much software, people write yet more software to manage all their other software.

A Proposed Solution

As you can see, there's no end to the cycle, unless we can create some software that manages itself and can be used to manage enough other software to get the world of software back in control. Precisely such a piece of software is called a Reflective Computing Environment. The problem is, no one yet has created one and used it for its intended purpose. When someone does, the idea is we will be able to manage our software and our information, using computers as they were intended to be used.

In one place above, I was deliberately vague. Can you guess where? -Tril

Sorry, but the whole thing looks vague. Can we really say TUNES is a "piece of software"? It's really more like a network of things.--water

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