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3. TB3P -- Tunes Bytestream Package Publishing Protocol

3.1 Standard External Structure


The header will be defined by the following sequence of bytes:



The meta-object for the rest of the sequence will be determined as a little-endian encoded 32-bit number, whose meaning is defined by the Tunes project.

3.2 Current meta-object registry

The registery is given in terms of names, that would be defined in the equivalent of a C include file.

In the case of a language like C that ain't got without local scoping, a common prefix like TGMORN_ (for Tunes Global Meta-Object Registry Number) would be prepended. Underscores may become minuses in other languages like Scheme. Such definitions would be automatically generated by a registry query program.

Symbolic name   Meaning

SYSIMG32_1      32-bit system image dump (see specific subsubprotocols)
LLL_VM32_1      a LLL program for the initial 32-bit
                virtual machine implementation
LLL_i386_1      a LLL program in our initial object format for the i386
SHLMS_1         an initial encoding for simple HLL- structures:
                straightforwardly dumps a cleaned up syntax tee for sources
RAW_1           embedded raw object from an external untyped system

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