Generic implementation of the TUNES LLL


Goals and Requirements

Principles chosen


Generic modules provided

Specific modules needed

The current specific mappings being worked on are for the i386 and O'TOP subprojects.

Goals and Requirements

Define once and for all all the logic common to all implementations of the LLL upon any platform. Define and implement a low-level language that will fulfill all the requirements to be used as a basis for the TUNES system, including self-extending into the full TUNES HLL, etc.

A first, original version should be written using widely available existing tools, and not bother about speed efficiency of generated code. It can use dirty hacks of all kinds.

The definitive version will be written using the own TUNES language system; it will be as clean as can be, and rely on all our usual TUNES tools to produce "optimized" code.

It should map to our currently-possible targets as well as future ones.

To Do: